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Thank you for joining the 28-Day Reset Challenge! If you have not dowloaded the app yet, from your phone, click here:                          


Save the app to your home screen by following the prompt.  Your phone should prompt you click the box with small arrow on your phone to save the icon to your home screen. You will also be prompted to opt into SMS notifications. This will allow you to receive messages related to the challenge. Once you have saved the app to your home screen and opted in for notifications, register.  Be sure to remember your login and password! 

You have free access to the general app during the challenge.  The CHALLENGE will give you focus and accountability, plus you can win prizes! The CHALLENGE is located in it's own section within the app. We will give you access to the Challenge section as soon as we are notified you registered for the challenge. There may be a slight delay between the time you register and the time you gain access to the challenge. Click the Challenge tab and begin with Get Started! Be sure to submit your photos and your goals prior to beginning the challenge! Then, read over the House Rules, Cheat Meals and Recipe Guide. Set yourself up for success, then we will begin with day 1. Let's Go!

How to add app to home screen

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