Thyroid dysfunction and hormone imbalance are two big factors contributing to stubborn belly fat and bodyfat that just won't budge. Plus, there a slew of symptoms that make life quite miserable when you have a thyroid issue or hormonal imbalance. Chronic fatigue, brain fog, mood sings, anxiety, depression, digestion issues, headaches, nausea, bloating, low libido, hair loss, skin problems, vision problems are just some of the many symptoms associated with thyroid and hormonal conditions.


Hormones are often overlooked by western medicine doctors. TSH is typically the only hormone checked when concerned about thyroid function and all other hormones are ignored. It is imperative that your labs include a full thyroid panel, a full hormone panel and a full vitamin and mineral panel when you have symptoms of a thyroid and/or other hormonal problems.


When working with me, I run extensive labs that give you and understanding of what is happening inside your body. Your labs give insight to your symptoms and inability to loose weight and/or maintain weight loss. Once your labs are evaluated, I then create a plan for you based on your individual needs and goals. A simple plan with accountability.  


My goal is to help you feel your best, look your best and live your best with simple strategies that don't disrupt your busy lifestyle. No extremes. No BS. I coach real people living real lives. 

To book a zoom consult call, please fill out the health and lifestyle questionnaire. Once completed, copy the calendar link at the end of the form and submit your questionnaire. Then, open the calendar to book a call. This is a free call where we will discuss your health history, symptoms, lifestyle and goals. I will review any recent labs and suggest labs needed on this call. 

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Personalized Plan Based on Labs

Your plan is based on your labs, symptoms, lifestyle and goals. I work with you closely over a 90-day period to help you transform and feel your best, look your best and live your best. 

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Healing, Nutrition, Movement, Mindset

Healing from the inside out is key to feeling, looking and living your best. Labs provide the foundation for you to put a plan of healing into action. With nutrition, supplementation, movement, mindset, you will begin feeling better within the first few weeks of the program and transform over the 90-day reboot period. 


Accountability and Support

I am here to support you and hold you accountable for 90 days and beyond. You will check in weekly and track progress along the way. You have access to me via chat, phone and email throughout the program and you get to be a part of group calls and the Just Love Your Bod community